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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Moon baby

A coworker of mine recently had a beautiful baby boy and this is the picture I did for the occasion, complete with three sleepy, lounging felines.

Also in time for the grand full moon that is up in the sky right now. I was sorry to miss last night's sky but it was very overcast and stormy yesterday. Here's hoping for tonight. Not the sliver above, of course, but that is probably my most favorite shape and, well, I couldn't resist!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Death by shopping

Somewhere between forgetting to bring it with me and The Crippling Fear of the Blank Page, I admit I am pretty terrible about keeping a regular sketchbook. But I'm trying! So here's to sketch-booking more and to the recording of...amusing...situations that sometimes come up...

Thanks to ABK for the "ghosts of husbands-past" quip.

Monday, 26 June 2017

The Tranquil Quartet, episode 1

Some dynamics - the other kind! - and a quick sketch from quartet today. It's been a while since I've posted and since I returned from Bologna I've been doing some color and character work (I've put a few new images are up on the website and Instagram) but it only hit me today that I have such a fine, fine outlet for the latter right in front of me. 

(And yes, we are a group of five, but we double the second violin part...including all the shameless snickering.)

Monday, 20 March 2017

Norooz and Bologna

Happy first day of spring! As I mentioned elsewhere, "spring" is one of those peculiar upstate New York terms (a regional dialect for "snow," if you hadn't guessed) that doesn't happen here until about May...and even then it's touch and go for a bit. Here's what the good old neighborhood looked like a few days ago:

Now having said that, if you live here long enough, you'll find some crazy types whose minds seem to have been frozen clean away in the cold, who only have a very vague recollection of a time when they could lounge about outside in short sleeves. Even worse, when everyone is grumbling about how eternal and dark and oppressive the winter is, these loons seem to take special pleasure (especially when there is a last jolly big BANG at the end of the season) in getting on the Florida-dreamers' already-frayed nerves with comments like, "Oh, isn't it just fantastic out!" (Tact, friends, tact!)

Now, in my defense...yes, you guessed it, biggest culprit of all of the above - and slipping into the first person here, not unlike when Athos (remember?), over far too much wine, is telling a more and more horrified D'Artagnan about a certain unfortunate episode of his past - the winter this year has been an exceptionally sorry, mild thing. Pah! Move north? Avec plaisir. The election was certainly more than enough reason for that...

In any case, snow or no snow, I wish you a sunny and warm first day of spring and also a happy Norooz! May your goldfishes be swimming about cheerfully, may your sabzeh be green, and may you not over do it on the shirini. I wish you good health and best wishes for all the days to come. I sadly was far too late in getting the seeds going but in my imagination my haft seen looks divine ;) But these pretty fellows made their way to my table, and gosh I love them:

But the main reason for the delay is that I've been busily preparing for Bologna, which is now coming up very quickly. It's been a few years since I attended. Thoroughly nervous, inspired, but excited to see familiar faces and to return to a world, even for a brief moment, that I have been missing. 

Some work left to do now but here is a glimpse of what's happening on the table, which has gotten more and more crowded over the last several weeks:

See you in Italy!