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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Círculo Latino/UW Book Drive

This Friday, I'll be reading my Snow Fox story as part of the book drive and live readings Círculo Latino is hosting at United Way of Greater Rochester. I know books are a real luxury for so many families even in "normal" times and especially during these difficult days of Covid-19, so this is a wonderful community effort. 

Círculo Latino is partnering with local bookstores in the Rochester area for this event, so if you would like to contribute, consider purchasing a book from Hipocampo Books to donate (or, of course, for yourself). 

And now that we have a lot of snow, I thought it would be fun for kids to have some activities related to the book. I hope you like these two ideas!

The first is a coloring page I put together, below. Feel free to download and print as many copies as you wish. Kids: you might at first think that so much of the image should stay white because of the snow, but take a closer look when you're outside...there are so many blues and greys in snow, depending on the light!

The second your own Snow Fox! It can be any size, any shape. And if you don't have snow where you live, that's perfectly fine. Sheets, pillowcases, tissues...use your imagination! I would love to see your creations. And you can even include a furry friend:

Parents: free to email me a picture at rshojaie [at] or post on Instagram and tag me in @nausetrose. I will put all the names I receive in a hat and the winner will receive a signed copy of the book in English or in French, his or her choice, plus a little original illustration of Nico! The last day to enter will be Friday, February 12 and I will announce the winner the next day, Saturday, February 13. 

Good luck, happy reading, and most of all: I hope you have fun!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

A new year

First post of the year! Despite the deeply troubling state of the world, I wish you a bright and healthy start this January. I'm hopeful for all the good things to come and for many happy reunions when the time is right.

Meanwhile, I received my artist copies for this month's edition of Histoires pour les petits

Here's a little peek at the illustrations I did for Elyssa Bejaoui's story "Les loups des quatre saisons." (It was such a coincidence to receive also this perfect wolf Christmas card from a dear friend. Those eyes...)

The story is a beautiful, poetic tale about a wolf mother, Neige, and her three little ones, Vif-Argent, Soleil-d'Or, and Feu-Roux, who are eager to run out and discover the wide world. 

But it's too soon! The babes must first grow and learn so that they are ready when their season comes, as Neige teaches them. 

You can read the story in full here. I hope you enjoy!

Finally, my thanks again to Clémentine, Manèle, and the whole team at Milan Presse for making this lovely magazine possible. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you're able to find joy and also some rest this holiday season. Here's for better things to come in the new year. 


Monday, November 23, 2020

Inscribed copies

On the holiday and winter books table! 

If you are in the Rochester area (or someplace else and don't mind the shipping fee) and would like a copy with a little personalized note and drawing inside, what you can do is order from Hipocampo Books and just me know when you do...and I will stop by!

I love all media that you can make lots and lots of mistakes with, like pastels and charcoal and pencils...and so signing in PEN is completely terrifying for me. Good practice, though. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Online art auction

This post is for a very good cause. My colleague's cousin passed away suddenly this summer, very sadly leaving behind her husband and young son, Rocco. This week, Tracey has organized a wonderful effort: an online art auction held in Hannah's memory as a way to help support Rocco. 

There are some lovely handmade items here. If you'd like to take part and bid, donate and not bid, or simply share, that would be most welcome. The auction is on now through this Sunday, November 15, ending at 7pm EST.

Please click here or on the image below to go to the auction page:

Hannah Engel was an Irondequoit, NY, nurse who unexpectedly passed away on July 31, 2020, at just 34 years old. She was an empathetic and generous mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. She loved the fall, pumpkin spice anything, and Mary Oliver poetry. Most of all she loved her son, Rocco, and husband, F.J. This auction was created to honor Hannah and to raise money for Rocco's education. Rocco is a bright 11 year old who loves music, playing the drums and percussion, and his golden retriever, Blue. He misses his mother very much. Proceeds from the auction will be deposited into Rocco’s NYS 529 Advisor Guided Fund. Thank you for your support.