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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Passing through

Loveliest of thoughts heard today, after struggling with a piece:

"I have a violin that was born in 1713. It was alive a long time before me and I hope it lives long after me. I don't consider it as my violin, although I may be its violinist. I am just passing through its life."


  1. This is lovely, Rosemary. Both the words and the image you've created. Keep going. Sx

  2. Oh, so beautiful! So much there must be, that the violin could tell us, so much that it has seen!
    It reminds me of this metaphor of an unending conversation by Kenneth Burke... the current of life, of thought and words, is always flowing, and we just happen to take a small dip in... lesson in humility, na? :)

    And there she is, perched on the scroll, a girl I love! :)

  3. Thank you Sarah x

    Ruchijaan, yes, beautiful! Somehow knowing we are just a moment in time puts my mind at ease like no other thought...

    Looks like she might be wondering what dear AR and W are up to ;)


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