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Friday, June 17, 2016


A few images of a recent visit to Philadelphia. I hadn't spent any length of time in the city before and while it wasn't a leisure trip, I did have a little while to myself to squeeze in some sketching. 

Cmdre. Barry statue

N. C. Wyeth's oils for Treasure Island, Brandywine Museum, Chadds Ford. Seeing his home, studio, props, many other originals, and even a full mural was very special. Unfortunately, although rightly so, no photographs were allowed of A. Wyeth's works in watercolor and tempera, nor of many other works by various Brandywine artists also on exhibit. 

Billy Booonnnes!

Birdwatcher statue, Brandywine Museum

Eakins Oval, from some very famous steps!

(Stole this pic from the Project Muse Twitter page) Early morning 5k to kick off AAUP 2016!  


Independence Hall in the rain

Elfreth's Alley

Liberty Bell

Independence Hall in the sun!

Hotel view 

Gen. Washington statue

Independence Hall, from Chestnut St. 

Until next time...

For God's sake, John, sit down!


  1. I love the Brandywine museum---the Wyeths' work and the site itself and the surrounding area. A great sense of place and space there.

  2. I'm so glad you've been there!! I'd been meaning to visit for years. Next time, Kuerner farm...I just couldn't quite fit the tour in this trip.

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  4. Lovely, lovely drawings Rosemary. Greetings from Seville.

  5. Nice drawings and photos. I'm pleased that you managed a visit to the Brandywine Museum.