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I am an artist living along the southern coast of Lake Ontario, in upstate New York. I studied at the University of Rochester and later at the Cambridge School of Art in England, where I received my MA in Children's Book Illustration.

I am inspired and fascinated by the passage of time, memory, chance meetings, and the lovely, lonely New England coastline. I hope to explore these topics further in the picture-book format and right now, I am working on finishing the illustrations and texts for two story ideas.

My work generally involves a combination of graphite pencil, colored pencil, dry pastels, and the occasional wash.

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Instagram: nausetrose

The title of this blog, "A sail, a sail", is of course a nod to Romeo and Benvolio picking on the Nurse. I've always loved that part in the Zeffirelli film, and it has stayed with me. 

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